Zaza Yurtsever, born in Turkey in 1968, moved to Duisburg, Germany, with his family in 1981. Having completed his primary and secondary education in this city, he started studying at the Department of Psychology in Marburg University and graduated in 1997. Then, he had his master’s degree in the Department of Clinical Psychology at the same university.

    Starting working in Clinical Psychology in 1997, Yurtsever has been living in Turkey and Germany since 2005. Having had certified trainings on trauma and addiction therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy and NLP. Yurtsever has been working on psychotherapy, coaching, group therapy and continues to work on fasting and couples counselling.

    Yurtsever founded the ‘Vata Academy’ in Berlin in 2012 with the well-known psychologist Johanna Kluczny and provided both individual and group therapies for those having weight related problems. He has two published books on eating disorders which contain special therapy methods developed by Yurtsever himself, which are titled Korkma Ye (2012) and Egoist Beyin ve Kilo (2014) and could be translated into English as ‘Don’t Be Afraid of Eating’ and ‘The Egoist Brain and Gaining Weight’.


  • Initially focusing on just psychological problems, psychotherapy has become a consultation service catering for the needs of people who wish to improve themselves and desire to make use of their optimal potential. You can also refer to psychotherapy when you feel helpless and in a vicious circle.
    The best and most indispensable prerequisites for achieving long-term success of such a service are receiving such a service voluntarily, cooperating with the counsellor for the solution of the problem and attending the sessions regularly.

    When Psychotherapy helps?

    People facing personal or psychological problems should seek counselling just as they seek medical advice when they need. Psychotherapy is a vital need especially when such problems last a long time and worsen. It is also a need to support personal development.
    The most basic prerequisite for people is to start treatment voluntarily for the therapy to be successful and to be ready to face challenges.

    People facing the following problems should have psychotherapy:

      Psychosomatic disorders (stomach and duodenal ulcer, migraine ....)
      Sexual problems
      Exposed to ill-treatment (sexual and physical abuse)
      Eating disorders
      Fear and anxiety disorders
      Suicidal thoughts
      Performance problems
      Teenage problems
      Growing problems
      School problems
      Relationship and marriage problems
      Post-traumatic problems (accident, death of someone close, torture)
      Chronic physical illness (take physical pain)
      Functional disorders (headaches that could not be organic diagnosis, abdominal pain, breathing problems ...)
      Addictions (drugs, alcohol, drug dependence)
      Difficulties with parents

    In addition to the reasons listed above, there might be some other causes to start psychotherapy, some of which are listed below:

      Gain self-confidence
      Coping better with illness
      Deciding between the two partners
      Personal and professional development and change as needed
      Mobbing in the workplace (conflicts of interest) to be prepared for
      Making radical changes in life, a fresh start
      Learning how to deal with aggression



    Business-Coaching is the process structured by experts in order to help to increase the performance of managers. Business-Coaching generally aims to support in solving the problems which occur during the periods as internal restructuring, mergers and other difficult issues. In such cases, business coaching provides personal support to managers in applying the changes inside the company.


    Additionally , Business-Coaching helps managers to balance work and private life of managers (Work-Life-Balance). Therefore Business-Coaching is usually done by psychologists. In this process, the business coach provides the support to the manager to solve the situation by using the managers’ personal abilities.
    Managers’ personal attitude is extremely important in solving the problems, which especially plays a decisive role in the future of the companies. In fact, high motivation and the ability to make the right decisions at the right time are requested in this process. Therefore, Business-Coaching helps to find effective solutions.

    Business-Coaching as Sparring-partners

    The Business-Coach has to be seen as a partner that supports the manager (sparring-partner). The task is to examine the problems to be resolved from another perspective. Many managers need an objective consultant in such matters.
    During this process, managers face the real sources of the problems, and align the attitudes for solving the problems. Additionally, business coaching helps them to experience self reflection.

    Business Coaching and Consulting

    Business coaching is not a kind of consultation. While the focus in consulting is the analysis of the workplace, business coaching requires a more holistic perspective. In such a case, the personality of the client is analyzed and he is supported through suitable methods to solve existing problems on his own.
    Nowadays the business coaching has become an important component for personal development. Therefore, each individual needs a business coach to have a consistent personal success.


  • KORKMA YE (Translated as ‘Don’t Be Afraid of Eating)

    In this book, Zaza Yurtsever opposes the widespread belief ‘the thinner, the more beautiful’ imposed by the majority of people.
    According to Yurtsever’s eating disorder studies, diets that do not fit in human nature result in gaining more weight each time people apply them.
    In this book, Zaza Yurtsever gives advice to diet victims by using ‘movement’ principle of ayurveda (vata priciple) and psychology
    He says that people have to build a respectful love and care relationship with their bodies, instead of limiting and punishing them by torture-like diets.
    To buy the book:                     !/zaza-yurtsever/egitim-basvuru/saglik/beslenme-diyet/urunno=0000000402276

  • EGOİST BEYİN ve KİLO (Translated as ‘The Egoist and Gaining Weight)

    In this book, Zaza Yurtsever, says that the only way to have a naturally thin and healthy body is to change your lifestyle.
    This book doesn’t contain information about only about obesity. It also informs the reader about the stress hormones that make people have eating disorders and lots of other diseases to fight. So, in our times, it is very important for people to fight against stress not only for obesity but also to have a healthy body.
    Having a healthy life style requires a well organised stress management system supports a person psychologically, mentally and spiritually.
    Zaza Yurtsever states that it is possible to have an ideal body and a peaceful soul by loving and caring it, not by punishing with hunger or eating wildly.
    To buy the book:                     


  • You can have online psychotherapy sessions with Zaza Yurtsever via SKYPE.

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